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Ordinance No. 2017-01

Ordinance Permitting & Regulating the Operation of Golf Carts on Certain Public Street within the Town of Magnolia Springs

Ordinance No. 2015-03 Repealing Ordinance 2008-07

Adopting new electronic voting machines

Ordinance No. 2015-02 Amending Ordinance No. 2010-06

Amending the Zoning Map - Pecan Grove Property

Ordinance No. 2015-01 Repeaing Ordinance No. 2008-11

Ordinance Regulating Parking: General Use of Rights of Ways, Alleys or Other Public Places

Ordinance No. 2014-01 Amending Ord. No. 2008-13

Amendment to Standard Specifications for Sanitary Sewer Installation

Amendment to Ordinance 2007-18

Amending the Processing Fee from $10.00 to $12.00

Ordinance No. 2012-03

Rescheduled Municipal Election - 9/11/2012

Ordinance No. 2012-02

Establishing a voting and polling place for municipal elections

Ordinance No. 2012-01

Establishing the compensation for the Mayor and Council Members

Ordinance No. 2010-08

Flood Damage Prevention

Ordinance No. 2010-06

Zoning Ordinance - adopted June 22, 2010

Ordinance No. 2010-05

Establishing Magnolia Springs as a Bird Sanctuary

Ordinance No. 2010-03

Making it illegal to sell, offer to sell or serve alcohol during certain hours

Ordinance No. 2010-02

Adopting State Codes for Traffice Violations

Ordinance No. 2010-01 - Repealing Ordinance No. 2008-12

U.S. Highway 98 Overlay District

Ordinance No. 2009-04

Designation of Magnolia Springs Historic District

Ordinance No. 2009-03

Regulating the removal and/or destruction of trees in the town limits

Ordinance No. 2009-02 - Repealing Ordinance No. 2008-05

Regulating land disturbances in the town limits & police jurisdiction

Ordinance No. 2009-01

Amendment to Business License Ordinance 2007-18

Ordinance No. 2008-14 - Amending Ordinance No. 2007-15

Rules of Procedure

Ordinance No. 2008-13

Adopting Specifications for sanitary sewer installation

Ordinance No. 2008-12-Amending Ord, No. 2007-02

Amendment to Ord. 2007-02 - Establishing Hwy 98 Overlay District

Ordinance No. 2008-11

Regulating parking on the right-of-ways

Ordinance No. 2008-10

Distrubing any Right-of-Way and permitting

Ordinance No. 2008-09 - Amending Ordinance 2008-04

Amendment to Historic Preservation Commission - Ordinance 2008-04

Ordinance No. 2008-08

Compensation fro Absentee Elections Manager

Ordinance No. 2008-07

Establishing the Use of Electronic Vote Counting Devices

Ordinance No. 2008-06

Regulating Yard/Garage Sales

Ordinance No. 2008-05 - Repealed by Ordinance 2009-02

Land Disturbance

Ordinance No. 2008-04 - Amended 9-23-08 - see Ordinance 2008-09

Establishing Historic Preservation Commission & Repeal

Ordinance No. 2008-03

Establishing Compensation for Mayor and Council

Ordinance No. 2008-02

Procedure for Appointment of Absentee Ballot Officers

Ordinance No. 2008-01

Numbering Council Places at Large for Election

Ordinance No. 2007-18

Business License Ordinance - Amending Ordinance 2006-03

Ordinance No. 2007-17

Local Gas Tax

Ordinance No. 2007-16

Franchise Agreement with Baldwin EMC

Ordinance No. 2007-15 - Amended 11-25-08 - see Ordinance 2008-14

Amending Ordinance 2007-05 - Council Procedures

Ordinance No. 2007-14

Nuisance Abatement

Ordinance No. 2007-13

Historic Preservation Commission

Ordinance No. 2007-12

Franchise Agreement with Riviera Utilities

Ordinance No. 2006-03

Business License Code

Ordinance No. 2007-02 - Amended 10-28-08 - see Ordinance 2008-12

Zoning Ordinance

Ordinance No. 2007-11

Ad valorem Tax - Repealing Ordinance 2007-01

Ordinance No. 2007-10

Establishing a Board of Adjustment

Ordinance No. 2007-09

Fee Schedule for Planning & Zoning

Ordinance No. 2007-08

Sales & Use Tax - Repealing Ordinance 2006-02

Ordinance No. 2007-07

Annexation - United Bank

Ordinance No. 2007-06

Establishing a Town Planning Commission

Ordinance No. 2007-05

Amending Ord. 2006-01 - Order of Procedure

Ordinance No. 2007-04

Annexation - River Management

Ordinance No. 2007-03

Annexation - Brett Gaar

Ordinance No. 2007-01

Ad Valorem Tax - Repealed - See Ordinance 2007-11

Ordinance No. 2006-04

Adopting 2007 Operating Budget

Ordinance No. 2006-02

Sales & Use Tax - Repealed - See Ordinance 2007-08

Ordinance No. 2006-01

Order of Procedure